Steps to avoid drop in keyword's ranking on Google

In recent times we have seen a lot of activity in keywords ranking on Google search engine. I have personally observed many websites which were ranking high on page 1 of Google and have faced a sudden drop in their rankings.
Many web masters are searching for an answer to this problem. I have carried a detailed analysis to understand some of the Google algorithm updates and have compiled a list of factors which may answer these queries:
“Content is the backbone of a website”; this is what Google has emphasized through Panda update. The mandate is clear; you need to provide latest, unique and quality information to website visitors. If your website is showcasing junky content, be prepared to face the music, there is every chance that Google will penalize it sooner or later.
It is imperative for any webmaster to understand penguin update, who wishes to succeed in their online website promotion campaign.
As part of Penguin update, Big G penalizes websites which have “Spammy Backlinks”. Now the big question is how to determine whether a backlink is “SPAMMY”?
To identify the nature of a backlink, you need to understand factors which can determine the value of a backlink:

  • PageRank: Big G uses PageRank as an algorithm to measure the importance of a website page. Higher the PageRank of a web page more is the value that it will hold in the eyes of Google. Therefore it is of real benefit to have high pagerank backlinks built for your website.
  • Attribute of Backlink: A hyperlink can have two attribute, “dofollow” and “nofollow”. Nofollow is a hyperlink value that tells search engines not to pass on the credibility or influence to an outbound link. Dofollow is a hyperlink value which gives your website credit for the link. As a webmaster search for high pagerank backlinks with dofollow attribute.
  • Number of outbound links present on backlink page which are pointing to other websites: This is really important; many a times there are pages/websites which are created specifically for creating backlinks to other websites. If Big G identifies such a website they penalize it and in turn treat links from these websites as “Spammy” As a webmaster look for high pagerank backlinks from pages with low number of outbound links.
  • Domain age of the Backlink: It is always safe to have a backlink profile from aged domains. As they have an established credibility in the eyes of search engines. Supply your website with high pagerank backlinks from established web domains.
    Every webmaster should periodically check the backlink profile of their website and carry a cleanup activity to stay free of such penalization.
Benefits of High Pagerank Backlinks

In layman language, backlink means incoming links to a webpage or website. In other words, backlink is a link which is received by a web page from another webpage. Backlinks are often referred to as inbound links, incoming links, inwards links and inlinks. In SEO, backlinks play an important role as search engines consider the quantity and quality of backlinks to determine Page Rank of a webpage.

Backlinks are used for the purpose of creating a status for a website in SEO or SERP’s. The popularity of a website can be calculated on the basis of number of backlinks to the website. In SEO term, backlink from one site to another site is measured as the vote given to that site. The more votes a site gets the better ranking it gains. One of the factors used by Google to assign pagerank to a website is by way of calculating the number of quality backlinks the website is getting.

The quality of links can be categorized in two ways i.e. High Pagerank Backlinks & Low Pagerank backlinks. High Pagerank backlinks are from high PR websites and draw much more value than Low pagerank backlinks attained from Low PR websites.

Benefits of High PR Backlinks

High Pagerank backlinks have various benefits. Some of these are:

  • Popularity: With more coverage from other websites and based on your contribution & involvement, you draw popularity for your website.
  • Good Quality Traffic: High pagerank backlinks helps draw quality traffic from various websites.
  • Increase in Page Rank: Getting quality high pagerank backlinks helps to increase the pagerank of your website as more the number of quality backlinks means more votes for the website and in turn more popularity.
  • SEO boost: High pagerank backlinks helps increase online visibility for your business.

How to get High PR BackLinks?

There are different ways in which you can get High pagerank BackLinks. Following only one of them is not as much effective as doing them all together. These are:

  • Guest Blogging
  • Paid Links
  • Article Publishing
  • Link Directories
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Press Release Submission
  • Social Media

If you are planning to set up high pagerank backlinks at forums or blogs, make sure that you leave comments that pertain to the blog or forum’s subject matter. Also ensure that you have read the rules and regulations at forums before placing links. Some blogs/forums provide leeway for placing backlinks, while others have strict rules forbidding this type of self-promotion. It is therefore advisable to respect the rules to avoid being banned.

Buy Backlinks | WEBSEOBUY

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For any given business activity there are three goals revenue, opportunity and visibility. Our Company will take care of your third goal i.e. is visibility on the web. There are various search engine optimization techniques for increasing the traffic on your webpage for e.g backlink building, anchor text backlinks, High PR backlinks PPC, manual directory submission and many more. We have dedicated and expert teams of professionals who would take care of your online marketing strategies. They will analyze your website and accordingly formulate the strategy to reach the objective of increasing the traffic to your website and making you site ranked higher in the various search engines. We tend to cover all aspects of online optimization and promotion of your website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an internet marketing strategy that allows a website to get more traffic from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing. It is the   process of affecting the visibility of a website/webpage in a search engine. In other words, more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users. There are various techniques of doing SEO. The most common one’s are backlink building, Pay per click management, on-page and off page optimization.

Now the question arises “why do you need SEO”. The answer to this is , if you want an increase in quality traffic along with higher ranking of your webpage on various search engines then you need to consider SEO.

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How to grow your business digitally?

Techniques to grow your business digitally.

Professional Web Design Company | WEBSEOBUY

In modern times; it has become a necessity for every successful business to maintain a strong digital presence. A professionally designed website is the first step to attain the same. 

Your website acts as the face of your business. It helps to increase business visibility and create a brand image among your customers. As a business; you need to showcase everything that your company has on offer. Users expect to have all information at a moment's notice; hence it is essential that the website should be easy to navigate, informative and to the point.   

To create a website one needs to define the purpose which the website should serve. Some websites are simply meant to give information, others give customers an option to purchase products/services over the internet. Keeping these factors in mind;  one should work on the relevant aspects while deciding the wireframe of the website. Mentioned below are a couple of factors which one should always keep in mind while designing a website: 

Site Architecture/Content structuring: As a business owner you need to use your experience and place yourself in customer shoes to think about the structure of the website from the user’s point of view. Your aim should be to minimize the number of clicks before any given user arrives at what they are looking for.   

Visual Concept: Your website should be clean and eye catching. It should have a flavor of the service/brand offering. Do keep in mind; all the creative such as design, images etc.; which you use on your website should be original and free from any copyright infringement. 

A good web design company can always help you attain the above objectives; however with the growing digitalization of businesses; it has become really difficult to find a professional web design company to work for you at affordable prices.  

Now the big question is; what factors should one consider to find a professional web design company? 

A good company should have fine understanding of the aesthetics as well as the technical aspects of the web designing process. They should be able to guide you with respect to the latest technologies such as responsive design, mobile websites and changing business trends. 

The company should comprise of a team of experts from different fields such as Design, Technical Development, Search Engine optimizationSocial Media etc. Always prefer a team which has good communication skills and can understand  your exact requirement. 

In case you require any help with your  digital marketing requirement; you can reach us at http://www.webseobuy.com/web-designing 

Pick your favorite social network | WEBSEOBUY

Become a fan, a subscriber, a follower. Pick your favorite social network.

Wondering what is the best social platform to promote your online business. You will be surprised to know the number of social media platforms available in the market today. Covering each isn’t really the right strategy, hence it is important to make sure that you target the key media platforms and spread the word about your business. We will be discussing few of the most popular social media platforms you can spend time on to promote your business.

Facebook: It’s there it’s everywhere. Facebook is the work. From fan pages to facebook likes to content sharing, connecting with friends and more inmportantly targeting the correct audience, its all there on Facebook. Build innovative engaging fun filled page with relevant content and watch your fans grow. 

Google+: What are the best ways to improve your websites search engine optimization. The more the Google + votes the more credibility you get for your website. From sharing photo albums to doing video hang outs and much more. G+ 1 has become one the most sought after social media platforms.

Twitter: Tap the untapped market for your business, build brand awareness, share informative content about your business and industry, get more and more twitter followers and see your search engines ranking soar.

YouTube: If you are in a business where you can use video to showcase your products and services then YouTube is the best platform to promote your business. Make your own YouTube channel and get likes, subscribers and comments with your favourite video on YouTube.

Linkedin: Make important business connections, post jobs for your business, encourage employees to list your business in their profile and get online business visibility your business deserves.

Instagram: Latest in mobile application to share photos with just a click, so if what you sell is worth a photo.. then instagram is the right social media platform to share your business products and services.

So get started get popular with social media presence. 

Common SEO Mistakes | WEBSEOBUY

Do you want every effort of yours to hit the target?

Hello everyone my name is Peter and I am a digital marketing expert currently working with WEBSEOBUY a unit of Estiron LLC. In this episode of WEBGURU we will be highlighting common SEO mistakes which most webmasters commit while running their SEO campaigns. Search engine optimization plays a crucial role in business online publicity, therefore it is important that SEO should be implemented in the right manner. Google takes various factors in consideration like domain age, unique content, quality links etc to evaluate a website.

Google keeps updating its algorithm frequently as SEO is very detailed as well as complicated. There are numerous SEO myths; therefore it is very difficult to understand what is really true. Having said that as per my experience following are the common SEO mistakes:-

Duplicate Content: Many webmasters copy content from others websites or target similar topic with just variation of keywords.  Writing similar content may result in search engine penalty, so it is important to showcase unique content targeting relevant keywords instead of having too many pages with duplicate content.

Leaving title tags blank: Most webmasters leave title tags blank or automated by system. Not defining tags correctly may hamper your visibility on search engines. Try including a little about what you have written in the content as the title. Also do not forget to use your target keywords in the title; this will have a favorable impact on your search engine visibility.

Laying emphasis on looks rather than on content: In SEO HTML content ratio is given due importance. A good HTML content ratio varies between 25 to 70%, therefore it is always advisable to showcase quality content on your website.

Pagerank is important in the eyes of search engines, because of this reason most webmasters run after it. However webmasters should also focus on other factors such as return on investment and analytics. Google provides analytic tool where you can track your campaign, find customers who have shown interest in your products/services, get real time report of who was viewing your website etc.

Friends there is no proven way to optimize your website however there are many useful methods you can use. There is always something new to learn in SEO therefore make sure to keep yourself up to date about what’s new in the market.

Thank you and we look forward to see you in our next episode.

How does quality backlinks help increase website rankings?

Why is my business short of growth? Why does my competitor’s website rank higher than my website? Why is my website not getting the desired traffic that it deserves?

If you are looking answers to these questions then this is the place to be.

Amanda: Hello my name is Amanda I have here with me Peter a digital marketing expert from Estiron LLC. Welcome to the second episode of WEBGURU. In this episode we will discuss what are high page rank backlinks and about their role in promotion of online business. Hello Peter how are you doing today?

Peter: Hi Amanda. I am good thank you. It's a pleasure to be here at WEBGURU.

Amanda:- Great so Peter to begin with I would want to put forward one of the most basic questions people usually have that is what exactly are high pagerank backlinks.

Peter: Amanda this is the most critical question which is imperative for anyone to know who wish to get success in their online website promotion campaign. Backlinks are editorial votes for one's website. Search engines give credit to those websites which have quality backlinks linking in. When I refer quality backlinks I mean links which come from authoritative web pages that is pages with a low number of outbound links; and are of do follow nature.

Amanda: What are authoritative web pages?

Peter:  Authoritative web page is one which has good value in the eyes of search engine. Usually these pages are assigned a high Page Rank by Google. PR varies between 0-10; higher the PR better it is for the web page.

Amanda: Interesting and what do you mean by do follow nature?

Peter: All links can be categorized as either Dofollow or Nofollow.

No follow links are those which give reference to a URL however does not pass on its credibility or link juice whereas do follow links are those  which gives reference as well as passes both its credibility and link juice to the web page. It is always beneficial to get do follow links for your website.

Amanda: Really very informative. Our audience here would like to know what kind of link building services does WEBSEOBUY offers.

Peter: WEBSEOBUY offers a range of link building services. Our experts have years of proven experience in the field of digital marketing and we understand the importance of quality backlinks. At WEBSEOBUY we ensure that you get one hundred percent do follow links from higher authority websites which have a good pagerank .Needless to say all links are placed on actual PR pages and we ensure that your website gets enough number of unique IP’s. 

Amanda: Ok so audience if you're interested in availing quality link building services then this is the place to be. Visit WEBSEOBUY.com and rank your website on top of search engines. Lastly I would like to thank Peter for providing this great insight on link building services and our viewers for being such great audience. Look forward to see you at the next episode of WEBGURU. 

Quick ways on how twitter can get you online visibility?
Do you use Twitter for your business? Can you imagine what role can twitter chat play in your marketing campaign? 
Although you may be familiar on using twitter chat for your personal networking, however in this article I will explain; how you can use twitter to achieve your business objectives. 
Mentioned below are the benefits you can derive from Twitter:
1. Connect with Customers:- Hosting an event to engage your current and potential customers can never be so easy. Choose a topic which engrosses your customers and let twitter be a great marketing tool for your business visibility. 
2. Create one to one relation:-  Every time you participate in Twitter chat and provide your valuable advice and comments on the subject matter you gain more twitter followers. You can demonstrate your expert knowledge to your customers through this medium of communication. 
3. Brand Awareness:- If you know that a particular twitter chat attracts your targeted customer base; then you can consider approaching the host of the chat and discuss the possibility of sponsorship. During the chat you can advertise your website/pages; promote your product/services; mention your business as the sponsor or position yourself as a featured guest. This will have a favorable impact on your brand promotion and that to targeting the most relevant customer base.
4. Stay informed:- You can find twitter chats where experts and professionals of your industry meet to discuss common issues. You can get added as a spectator and keep yourself informed about any opportunities that may arise. 
Thinking of starting a Twitter chat? To know what's happening on a regular basis you can check the Twitter chat schedule or look for it on Google search results.
Happy Chatting !! 
Content Writing Services


JENNY: My name is Jenny! I have here with me Peter; a digital marketing expert from Estiron LLC. Welcome to the first episode of WEB GURU. In this episode we will discuss the role of website content and its significance for promotion of your online business.Peter will share the guidelines which should be used for creation of quality content.

Hello Peter!

Welcome to the show!

PETER:Thanks Jenny!!

It’s my pleasure to be a part of this series. I am looking forward to add value and provide answer to questions which people usually have.


Let’s get started!

Q. Can you tell us what role does quality content play for website promotion?

PETER: “Pen is mightier than the Sword”; This holds very true in the digital scenario. As per the current algorithms applicable to search engines website content holds top priority for your business online visibility. The more latest and unique information you will provide on your website to the visitors the more it will be appreciated. Content is the most crucial factor which can convert visitors to customers.

JENNY: Interesting!! How frequently do we need to update content of our website?

PETER: From a Search engine optimization perspective it is important to add new pages and update existing pages once every few weeks. Frequent updation of quality rich unique content holds high importance in the eyes of Search engines.

JENNY: Can you give us some useful tips which we should keep in mind while drafting content for our website?

PETER: To get best results it is always advisable to use the services of an expert as the search engine algorithms are very dynamic, however there are some basic factors which one must keep in mind while drafting the content.These will be uniqueness of content, inclusion of target keywords, showcasing relevant and targeted information.In addition to this one should make an effort to maintain a healthy keyword density and appropriate positioning of keywords.

JENNY: What according to you is a healthy keyword count on a web page?

PETER: There is no ideal figure to the number of times a keyword be used on a web page.  Having said that it is important to focus on relevance of keyword in the content.  Your content should be natural, informative and should focus on the keyword which you are targeting to rank high on search engines.

JENNY: Where on a page should the keyword appear?

PETER: Try to use the keyword in key places like URL, title and H1 tags, meta description, image files, first sentence of the paragraph. This will ensure appropriate keyword visibility.

JENNY: Ok, so what content writing services does your company offer?

PETER: Our team of experts translates your ideas into words providing informative, content rich and search engine friendly services. We have technical experts from all major industry domains such as tourism, automobile, medical, finance etc who come up with quality whitehat content for your business.Our aim is not only high keyword rankings on search engines we also target high business conversion rate for our customers.

JENNY: Great!!

So in case any of our viewers want to avail expert content writing services do visit www.webseobuy.com and team Estiron will ensure that your business gets the visibility that it deserves.

Once again thanks everyone for being such a great audience and we will be soon back with some more questions on digital marketing services in our next episode!

Good Bye!!